Selling vs. closing your business

Even if the business is not currently turning a profit, there is still value. Learn More

Why you should be as purposeful about your culture as your brand

The culture of your company is what sets it apart from other companies. It’s the sum of the attitudes, personalities, beliefs, values, and traditions that make your organization what it is. Learn More

Should your business advertise on TikTok?

Utilizing social media platforms to increase your brand awareness is part of a smart marketing strategy. Learn More

Marketing your business effectively without being cheesy

Appealing marketing is authentic, data-drive branding inspiring both new and old customers. Learn More

What your business should know about cryptocurrency

Although new to the marketplace in relative terms, electronic currencies are firmly established and will likely become even more commonplace in the future. Learn More

How to turn your email list into a marketing machine

Return on investment and other advantages make email marketing your top online marketing method. Learn More

Customer loyalty is king

Get to know your audience, then appeal to their higher psychological needs, ie. as if they are part of an exclusive club. Learn More

The secret sauce of a successful business

One factor that is neglected more time than not is a partner program, a significant generator of revenue and sources of cost savings. Learn More

How to calculate CLTV for your business

CLTV is targeted metrics, specific to your business. Integrating this information into your sales strategy will allow you to increase sales and retain the loyalty of repeat buyers. Learn More

Using COVID to adjust and reinvent your business

Business frameworks have been permanently altered. Be sure to innovate your technological, content, and customer strategies. Learn More

Your company is your product

The same care and attention you put into your product should go into your company. Everything about what you do, why you do it, who does it and how you do it, is your cornerstone product. Learn More

Cost-Effective customer retention

If your current customers are happy with you and your product, they can become a valuable tool for acquiring new business. Learn More

When should you hire a small business attorney?

Knowing when you should hire a business attorney can save money in the long run by avoiding potentially costly mistakes from occurring and can help avoid lawsuits. Learn More

How to hire your first employee

Congratulations your business is growing. Proceed carefully, it can get tricky due to California’s laws concerning labor and employment. Learn More

Post-pandemic business strategies

Plan your business strategies for post Covid-19 to protect your company’s future. Learn More

Tough workforce choices for COVID’s long-term impacts

People are your most important resource, particularly when you are operating an ecommerce company or expanding your operations online. Ask yourself who are the employees that make the business. Learn More

How smart businesses grew in 2020

Update your marketing plan to find business opportunities applicable to your audience in this new way of life. Learn More

What’s in a product name?

A good name contributes to the overall success of your product and establishes brand name recognition. Learn More

Advisory Boards

An advisory board can be greatly beneficial in the success of an organization, but only if its purpose is specifically spelled out, it is properly recruited, and the legalities and ground rules are set.Learn More

How to build a sales funnel that will grow your business exponentially

It begins with lead capture, throwing a wide net. Then directing prospects to a page that keeps their attention. Next you nurture the lead…Learn More

Surviving the COVID economy

COVID has been like rocket fuel for some existing trends, and at the same time, has forced entirely new trends unique to it, which are unlikely to be reversed or even slowed.Learn More

What is reputation management and do you need it?

Controlling your brand and managing your reputation online. Responsiveness online builds trust. Have a crisis management plan prepared before you are caught off guard.Learn More

Trouble with your lender? All may not be lost

Battling a lender can be taxing on the business owners. Assemble a team with expertise in this area, that can manage all aspects that businesses face both in and outside the legal system.Learn More

Keeping your team motivated, engaged, and connected in the remote office

Maintain morale and productivity remotely in a virtual environment is challenging. There are steps to take for you and your teams are connected, engaged, and motivated.Learn More

What is your product?

Let’s look at an MVPs main features and key objectives to achieve a launch version of the product..Learn More

What is a Minimum Viable Product?

A product in its first phase or prototype ready to deploy to a group of potential customers that are able to understand the product vision and will provide feedback.Learn More

3 Business growth tips from a business coach

A coach has an objective point and strategy to address both internal and external factors. Here are 3 tips…Learn More

Flat or Hierarchical: which organizational structure is best

Here we discuss the advantages and the drawbacks of a flat structure for a business. Learn More

What are capital structures and why they matter

Simply, it’s the structure of all a company’s equity and debts. A business capital structure embodies all of the business’s obligations. Learn More

Don’t let your leads go to waste

With online platforms now the vehicle to generate leads it’s important to know your budget and the latest, effective ways to reach potential clients. Equally important is how is that system responds to those leads… Learn More

How current trends are transforming email marketing

From launching to monitoring analytics to cookies and more, anyone searching for insight into email marketing will benefit from Shawn’s expertise… Learn More

How optimizing your email marketing can maximize your ROI

Email marketing is more than just bulk emails to all your consumers and partners. There are more varied ways to engage more subscribers and create compelling campaigns… Learn More

5 common mistakes when seeking a business loan

Starting or joining a business of any kind requires you to keep your eyes wide open. We advise having a concrete business plan, reachable goals, and a thorough knowledge of your costs combined with a focused work ethic… Learn More

What it takes to be a successful CEO

Most of us have probably dreamed about making it to that special office in the C-Suite and wondered what makes someone successful when they get there. Passion, wisdom, and tenacity are just a few of the traits that we outline as making the ideal leader… Learn More

Skills to look for in a successful CFO

It takes more than just having a good head for financials to make a great CFO. Our consulting work has reinforced that integrity, personability, and organizational skills are just a few of the key ingredients in a truly outstanding CFO… Learn More