How to build a sales funnel that will grow your business exponentially

As a business owner, you know that your bottom line depends on developing a successful marketing campaign. And you must continue to fine tune your technique in order to increase the rate at which you are able to convert leads into sales. The best way to accomplish this goal is to build a sales funnel. A sales funnel is defined as the specific steps a person takes on the path between being a potential consumer and a paying customer. 

The funnel is widest at the top, where your advertising is working to build an awareness of the product or service you offer and begins narrowing as it generates leads for potential sales. Lead nurturing is crucial at this point because it continues to build interest among the groups who responded to the advertisement. 

Once the funnel narrows all of the way down to making a sale, you need a process in place to maintain your customer base and generate repeat sales. 

Don’t skip any steps

As more and more business is conducted electronically, putting time and effort into building a sales funnel online will pay great dividends. 

  1. Driving brand awareness: Brand awareness is created when you first capture a consumer’s attention. It can be an ad or an informational post shared by one of their friends on a social media platform. Or, if already interested in researching the product or service you offer, they may find your brand through a Google search.
  2. Generating interest: Once consumers have funneled down to the interest stage; they’re actively researching and comparing the options. At this stage of the process, you want to provide original, compelling content on your webpage. What sets your product apart and makes it superior? 
  3. Coming to a decision: The consumer has made up their mind to purchase a product and is likely choosing between a few brands. It’s at this stage that you make your most enticing offer, including a bonus such as free shipping or a discount to drive them toward your brand.
  4. Taking action: The bottom of the sales funnel is when the customer purchases from your company

Now that the customer has become part of your base, stay in contact through email or other means and nurture that relationship to encourage future sales and referrals. Pay attention to what is working with each step and what isn’t and “tweak” your technique as you go. 

See the full picture come together

Successful marketing campaigns start with lead capture, where you throw out a wide net and see what you can catch. The next step is to direct your prospects to website landing pages with informative and captivating content to get them interested in your product. Then proceed to lead nurturing, where you keep the attention of the consumer and deepen their understanding of your brand. 

Building a sales funnel and continually maintaining it will ensure that you don’t let your leads go to waste.