What is reputation management and do you need it?

What is reputation management? Increasingly, people are putting an equal amount of weight on online reviews as they are personal recommendations. Anyone can post a comment or concern, and that information spreads quickly via the Internet. In order to maintain your current customer base and encourage future growth, you must be aware of, and effectively manage, how your company is being perceived online. 

With the ever-expanding accessibility of the internet and increasing speed and sophistication of search engines, your business is easily searchable online for potential clients seeking a reference, which is why you must have a comprehensive plan for managing your reputation online. 

The face of your company is reliant on your online presence, which starts with your website and extends to other platforms, such as social media sites like Facebook, customer review sites such as Yelp, and any other places on the web where your product or services can be rated and discussed. An integral part of controlling your brand is monitoring the information about your business that is being shared across all platforms.

The burden gets bigger in time

Your company’s reputation is important as it influences how clients and potential investors or employees view it. And the more information is shared among customers online, the more critical reputation management becomes. If the goal is growing your business, then responsiveness is key. 

Strengthen your brand voice online by showing you are aware of concerns and are addressing them. For example, if someone leaves a negative review or asks a question online, the timeline for a response should not exceed 24 hours. This responsiveness goes a long way toward building trust among your customers because they will see you’re making an effort to address their concerns. 

Finally, brand authority is a compilation of all the content you share online. Anything that is connected through your website, blogs, SEO content, etc. should be relevant and reflective of your company’s mission and culture. 

Are you too late?

Managing the messaging is a vital part of getting out in front of negative news, which can be difficult if you’re caught off guard. Optimally, you want to devise and implement a crisis management plan prior to such an event occurring. A business consultant can help you design a program that both monitors brand reputation as well as plans for potential problems. 

Khorrami Consulting offers crisis management services to our clients. This includes both managing a crisis as it’s occurring and building a framework for anticipating and preventing one in the future.