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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Crisis Management

Business difficulties can arise from a variety of factors, and we have the expertise and skills to develop intelligent step-by-step plans that will lead you and your business towards a better future. Using our experience and multi-tiered process we will execute effective plans for mitigation and recovery to ensure a positive outcome… Learn More

Organizational Structures

The needs of your business will determine the most effective business structure, whether that is a flat or hierarchical one. The best organizational structure for your business will assure efficiency, appropriate management oversight, and a desirable level of growth. Khorrami Consulting will help you determine and guide the development of a structure that strikes the appropriate balance between autonomy and supervision… Learn More

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Product Launches

Months of planning goes into effectively launching products. Many different divisions within organizations must participate in order to achieve success. As your business partner, Khorrami Consulting can do everything from supporting to filling the role of different departments. Whatever your needs are, marketing, finances, planning, and more, we will passionately engage with your team to successfully execute your product launch… Learn More

Marketing Strategies and Plans

Our top notch advisors can structure an excellent skills matrix and marketing department, providing training and compiling plans that produce quality products and success. We focus on the core competencies and structures that will best ensure top tier marketing designs and performance… Learn More

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Capital Structures

One of the big questions for any organization is whether or not to take on outside capital. No matter your budgetary needs or the type of outside capital your business is considering: equity, debt, or both, Khorrami Consulting can help you find flexible solutions for negotiating, managing your capital, and dealing with other investors and entities… Learn More

Sales Strategies and Plans

Even if all the other structures of your business are functioning at a high level, sales teams are the divisions of businesses that can drastically affect success or failure. Our consultants will help you evaluate your sales department and marketing strategies. Using our experience, we work with you to provide training and strategies to organize the best possible team for your business’s needs… Learn More

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