Product Launches

Product Launches

In order to have a successful product launch, an organization must construct and implement a plan that begins many months before the actual launch. In fact, a go to market plan requires significant participation by a number of departments within an organization, and a detailed budget, which can easily run into the millions of dollars even for small and medium sized companies.

Khorrami Consulting can engage with a team that can do everything from planning and executing the entire process to filling holes, even substituting for entire departments.


Any Go To Market Plan must be comprehensive and assure that all relevant departments within an organization are activated in order to assure a successful launch. To begin with, it is important to be clear on what exactly is the product that is being launched.

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This requires a detailed look at everything from how the product looks, to exactly what it does, and what it does not do. Specifically, a business needs to have a clear vision of the Minimum Viable Product or “MVP.” While this may sound simple, it rarely is. In fact, it requires a joint, coordinated effort by multiple departments, among them engineering, product design, sales, marketing, and finance.

Sales and Marketing

Any product launch will require months of pre-launch activity from the sales and marketing departments of a company. In fact, it will likely require teams of specialists within the organization, and a variety of outside contractors. It will also require carefully created and coordinated strategies and plans by those departments.


Partnerships tend to play an important and many times underrated roles in product launches. These can be involve helping with product features to aiding with the marketing and sales and everything in between.

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Finance and Budgeting

Product launches also involve careful budget planning as the dollars can add up very quickly, especially if there is a very strict initial plan, continuous money management, and creative problem solving.

These are just some of the very basics of product launches, which themselves can be very complex processes, requiring months of preparation and activity and careful planning involving a number of departments within any organization.

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