Conducting business online has been growing exponentially for over 20 years. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as stay-at-home orders and recommendations, and social distancing guidelines, have caused that pace to only increase. Businesses are accelerating their efforts to conduct their business online as customers have fled to online shopping to meet their wants and needs.

Doing business online presents entirely different challenges than running a brick and mortar outfit. Everything from marketing and sales, to customer experience, to logistics and delivery of goods has to be managed in wholly new ways. Additionally, with the rapidly changing online landscape in how businesses find, meet, and service their customers, online businesses must be much more nimble in responding to the market.

The team at Khorrami Consulting has managed all aspects of eCommerce — everything from working on startups, including those of its founder — to mature online companies, to companies that are transitioning. Additionally, they have been integrally involved in the running of online eCommerce platforms and facilitators. The team has developed a deep understanding of how such businesses work in the back end, including payment processing and shopping carts, the provision of various services, partners and sales strategies, and operations.