Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Most organizations, at some point, will have to face difficult situations. Whether caused by a business downturn, a bad economy, lawsuits, or a government investigation, crises can come in many forms, sizes, and from many directions. Also, different organizations react differently to unforeseen emergencies and crises.

All crises have a lifecycle requiring a distinct, staged response in order to move them toward the most favorable resolution.

Putting Together a Plan

While organizations should not wait for a crisis in order to formulate a plan, they often do. Khorrami Consulting can engage to formulate an initial plan in preparation, or can spring into action immediately after a crisis arises. This includes everything from putting together the internal and external crisis teams, to creating the response objectives, team roles, the priorities for the organization, and the available options.

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One of the key aspects is communication, which can include entirely different audiences, from customers, to employees and contractors, to external stakeholders, to the general public. We can form the communications team and messaging, even providing for proper media training. On the legal side, we are adept at putting together the proper teams, responding to litigation, as well as preserving privilege and creating appropriate protocols.

Plan Execution

Any plan is going to be ineffective unless properly executed. It is important to assure that not only is there a proper team, response, and protocols in place, but that all of it is executed flawlessly. This needs experienced, calm leadership that is able to also anticipate circumstances, and adapt in real-time to changes in circumstances.

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Recovery, Mitigation and Prevention

The final stage of any crisis management plan is recovery. No plan is complete without including actions that help the organization recover from the crisis. Additionally, it is important that any organization conduct an autopsy to allow it to mitigate any further repercussions and to adopt protocols, plans and measures to prevent future crises.

Khorrami Consulting has the skill and flexibility to get involved before or during a crisis in order to implement appropriate measures to move an organization through to the best outcome.

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