5 Ways to instantly improve your marketing productivity

Marketing is an integral part of every business and this includes online and offline. In fact, virtually every business must at some level also be a marketing company. For most businesses, effective marketing is the key to maximizing profits and can easily make the difference between a lucrative, thriving business and a defunct one.

When it comes to digital marketing, you might sometimes find it challenging to keep up with the marketing trends and technology as the landscape is rapidly and ever-changing. As a business owner, you do a juggling act just to keep the business afloat. You have to fight through all of the distractions that can seriously hurt your productivity, and prioritize what needs to be done.  Marketing is one place that needs your constant focus.

There are a few simple ways to improve your marketing productivity, especially if you’re managing a team that could use a productivity boost.

Practice the following strategies to help improve productivity.

  1. Prepare for the day: Marketers today are expected to carry out a variety of tasks throughout their day. While most of these tasks are important, it’s easy to ignore the ones that will make a difference at the end of the day. Instead of going from one task to another, start your day by writing out the tasks, in order of priority that would leave you feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. Another way to prepare yourself for a successful day is to finish all you need the day before. Setting yourself up for the day helps you prioritize leaving you satisfied and accomplished.
  2. Improve Your Schedule: An inefficient process of booking meetings can hinder your productivity. It can be considered a big time-waster. Do everything to cut back on the back and forth that comes with booking meetings. Ask the necessary questions for clarity to avoid meeting time clashing with your assignment time. There are a few useful scheduling tools that make scheduling meetings easy without the annoying back-and-forth. Setting up an online calendar with tools like Calendly can make booking meetings easy for your prospects and virtually touchless for you.
  3. Have Do-Not-Disturb Hours: The actual volume of work that you and your team can be severely limited when everyone is “always reachable.” Barring emergencies, it’s reasonable to expect and require a response from your team members by close of business. You should let your employees decide when and how they can best be reached, especially if they are on a major project that requires more focus and attention. Create a policy of having 2 to 3 uninterrupted hours of work each day.
  4. Encourage a Life Outside of Work: Sometimes, being stuck behind the computer screen for 8+ hours every day can become a norm. You might even forget to eat! Making sure your team members have a life outside of work can significantly improve productivity and more than pay for itself. You could offer a monthly allowance to employees to encourage them to join a gym or fitness class. You could also include an allowance for books or conduct educational events not necessarily related to their job title.
  5. Ask Your Team How You Could Help Them Increase Productivity: Although the tips above would likely improve productivity, you should also communicate with them. Ask them how you can help them become more productive by sending a team-wide email. The responses you get from your colleagues might surprise you. Perhaps your Social Media Manager works better at night. Maybe your star SEO Marketer does her best work in a quiet environment. You will be more productive when you and your team can personalize your workflow. 

If you’re looking to become more productive, these tips will help you improve and scale the work output for you and your team.