Marketing your business without being cheesy

Have you ever taken a class where, on the first day, the professor has everyone pair up and spend fifteen minutes getting to know their partner? At the end of the exercise, you introduce and give a short biography of your classmate to the rest of the group. Why do it this way rather than having each person introduce themselves? Because people are often more comfortable when someone else tells their story and extols their accomplishments.

Most of us find it hard to promote ourselves because we’re concerned about sounding boastful, disingenuous, or corny. At the same time, it is a necessary skill if we want to become proficient at networking and effective marketing online. It’s not surprise that one of the most common questions we ask ourselves is “how can I market my business without being cheesy?”

Be you

When it comes to representing who you are and what you do, be honest. If you project a false image, your clients will certainly be let down when they discover your company, and your work may not be as advertised. As to the desire to not appear cheesy, avoid using gimmicks or flashy tricks to try to make your website stand out. In today’s world the key to personal and effective marketing really is being authentic.

The goal of marketing your business is to attract the attention of folks who are drawn to your company philosophy and the quality of your work rather than an attention-grabbing scheme. This way is more likely to result in a positive experience for the customer because they’re looking for what you provide.

An important aspect of designing a successful marketing campaign is understanding who your customer is and what they want. Armed with this information, you have a clear idea how to talk to your audience using language and concepts that resonate with them.

Listen to them

An excellent way to learn more about your clients is to listen to your leads. You can tell a lot about your target audience by pinpointing the specific parts of your website or ads that appeal enough to prompt an engagement.

This data set is also helpful when working toward building customer loyalty. When you know about what matters the most to your customers, you can further enhance your marketing campaign to encourage repeat purchases and referrals. Figuring out how to promote yourself without feeling dishonest or cheesy, along with the best ways to market your business online can pay returns in the form of higher sales and an increase in brand loyalty. And if you are having trouble doing it yourself, bringing in a professional third party, such as a marketing or business consultant particularly if you are competing in crowded geographical markets such as Los Angeles may be a solution to consider.